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Eduardo FALU


A multi-faceted artist, Falu defies classification.  He is a guitarist and a very fine one.  He is an accomplished singer, and the quality of his fine baritone voice is widely loved and admired.  He is a composer of distinction, not only the creator of a modern folk repertoire but a classical composer, many of whose compositions have become part of the classical guitar repertoire.  He is Argentina's best known folk singer.  There seems no end to his accomplishments.  Yet he is a man who made music for the joy of it, with no thought of becoming a professional musician.
He was born in El Gapon, in the province of Salta, Argentina.  Salta shares borders with Chile and Bolivia, and there is thus a considerable cultural interaction between all three countries.  Salta is a place where the folk tradition has never withered away; it remains, in Falu's words, "something lively, dynamic and evolutionary."  The significance of that last word should not be overlooked.
Eduardo Falu's attachment to the guitar was the result of the gift of one when he was a child;  on it he began to play traditional folk tunes of his country.  Then followed a duo with Cesar Perdiguero, a partnership that brought considerable success.  Though largely self-taught, Falu deepened his knowledge of the guitar through study of the 19th century masters.  Private study with the prominent Argentine composer Carlos Guastavino extended his knowledge of harmony and theory.
Collaboration with many of the leading Argentine poets resulted in the creation of a modern folk song tradition in that country.  His music has been heavily influenced by the traditional music of his home province. Yet Falu ranges widely throughout South America and other songs express more universal conditions of humanity.
Altogether, Falu has set over 150 poems to music, not only by Borges and Davalos but also by Leon Benaros, Manuel Castilla, Alberico Mansilla and others.
Music clip - click HERE
to listen to a minute of the track "Zamba de Vargas" from
his CD "El sueño de mi guitarra"